INVENT Filter Elements

Filter Elements for your INVENT Filter

The high quality and long service life of our products is particularly important to us.

At the end of the product life cycle of our filter screens, we therefore not only offer the complete replacement of the entire filter element but alternatively also the repair of our INVENT filter frames using new high-quality mesh in-house for rescreening.

In this way you can save money and benefit from the high quality of original INVENT filter elements.

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You’ve reached the pricing plans. Choose from one of our two alternatives for INVENT original spare filter elements.

INVENT Rescreening

$ 399

Send us your used filter frames for refreshment in our professional in-house INVENT fabrications division. We rescreen your frames using new filter meshes and the latest technologies to prepare them for re-installation in your plant.

INVENT Spare Filter Element

$ 899

Order new INVENT filter frames covered with a high-performance stainless steel Dutch weave filter cloth. You will receive an brand new filter frame covered with superior quality filter screen material.

DYNAMIX®-Disk Filter

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